All the way from Australia, Anja Nissen flies the Danish flag at Eurovision (Denmark Eurovision Entry Review)

Denmark Where I Am Eurovision 2017

21-year-old Anja Nissen will be ‘laying down her armour’ for Denmark. She’s co-author of her entry, Where I Am. 

Denmark Where I Am Eurovision 2017
Season 3 winner The Voice of Australia Anja Nissen is fulfilling her childhood dream to represent Denmark at Eurovision. (Photo by Anja Agnete Schlichtkrull/DR

Australian roots and career

Anja was born near Sydney, New South Wales in Australia to Danish-born parents. From a very young age, the singer took part in several singing competitions, including Australia’s got Talent, at the age of 12. Her big breakthrough came when she auditioned in 2014 for The Voice of Australia. She joined producer Will.IAM ‘s team and went on to win the entire show. Prior to winning the show..

With very strong roots still in Denmark, Anja was announced in 2015 as one of ten candidates to take part in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the national selection show for Eurovision. Her song, Never Alone, a composition by Danish eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest, finished second. This year Anja returned with a composition she’s co-written herself, Where I am. She won the final, with a very large margin of 64%, and will therefore fly the Danish flag in Kiev.

Radio friendly, Denmark and Eurovision

For those remembering the Danish entries of past contests, it won’t be hard to see a trend with the Danish people. For years, the Danish people have a tendency of sending a radio friendly pop song to the Eurovision Song Contest. The only exception in recent years was 2013, when the competition was won by Denmark. Since, the nation has seen it’s Eurovision success decline rapidly with two non-qualifiers in a row.

While Anja is a fantastic vocalist, Where I am continues to follow the same strategy as its predecessors; It’s a radio friendly song, but it drags on. There’s nothing exciting happening as the song progresses. It falls into oblivion. There is a redeemable point as well though; What saves Where I Am for me, are the lyrics, which are incredibly beautiful and well written. Just a shame they get lost in the overall production.

The main question remains whether Denmark can qualify? I’m a little concerned they won’t.  Let’s not forget, the Australian audience, who might remember Anja, won’t be able to vote for her, as they are drawn in the first semi final. Having said that, Anja is a fantastic live vocalist, which can hopefully add some liveliness to overall presentation.

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