Tove Lo debuts Fairy Dust short movie

Tove Lo 2016 Music

Tove Lo 2016 Music
Tove Lo bares all in her short film Lady Wood. Check it out below

Swedish pop star Tove Lo has premiered her short movie Fairy Dust.

The video, directed by Tim Erem is an addition to the her recent released album Lady Wood. It tells the story about two female lovers, and how their toxic relationship progresses. It’s very powerful with plenty of explosive moments, right up to the end. There’s plenty of dance routines going on. There’s frolicking, sexual references and a lot of spoken word right til the very last minute. All packed in just under 31 minutes. And let’s say viewers are going to be pretty surprised when the credits roll onto the screen. Perhaps advisable not to watch it in the office. Just a little tip!

As a result however, Tove pushes the boundaries of pop music that little bit further than Beyonce did with her visual Lemonade. It’s exactly her will power to do things her way, which is making Tove by far one of the most exciting pop stars, currently on this planet.

Needless to say the tracks featured in the film are a perfect fit. Influence, Ladywood, True Disaster, lead single Cool Girl and Vibes all make an appearance. Each has its own visual identity, but still manages to fit in the concept perfectly. If Tove wasn’t on your radar before, this is a great introduction. A very promising prospect.

The 31 minute film is an extra addition to the project, which has since been confirmed to consist of a second volume, to be released early next year. Fans may also have noticed the inclusion of a brand new song over the end credits. What I Want For The Night (Bitches) is expected to be featured on the second part of the album, out next year. Exciting times ahead! To say we’re excited for that second part is an absolute understatement. Bring it on Tove, we’re ready!

At the end, Tove Lo, wants to know from her audience if ‘you like that sh**‘. We did, we’re all over it. So over to you now. Let us know what you think. Did Tove Lo sprinkle a bit of Fairy Dust that makes you fall in love with her over again? We certainly hope so.

Check out the video below and don’t forget to give Lady Wood a good listen as well. You won’t regret taking that decision.


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