Thanks to Kat Graham's new single 1991 we're celebrating 1991's most amazing singles

The Vampire Diaries star has announced the release of her brand new single “1991.”, taken from her brand new studio album coming later in the year. Time to check out the 1991 music class in all its glory. 

Ooh yes, 1991 was the year of the big guns.. Bryan Adams, Cher, Mariah Carey, Madonna, Janet Jackson, you name it and they were all popping out them fantastic radio singles. While I, was only at the childish age of 5 (and 361 days to be precise) here’s a chance to remember the good old 1991 days with a couple of tunes:

Kylie’s little sister Dannii Minogue hit the dance floor hard with her single ‘Love and Kisses’. Although originally already released back in February 1990 in Australia, the single entered the charts in the UK on March 18, peaking at number 8. Big sis, Kylie at the peak of her success already, did however better with ‘What Do I have To Do‘, reaching number 6, earlier that year.

In July however the world went crazy for brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass, better known as Right Said Fred, as they had one message to everyone: ‘Im Too Sexy’. It didn’t get much sexier and nude than this, but hey ho, what a classic it is.

Right Said Fred weren’t the only ones bringing the topic of sex to the table. Salt N Peppa released their classic hit single ‘Lets Talk About Sex’ as well. Not to mention Madonna who would should the world a year onwards with the release of her sex book and album ‘Erotica’. In 1991 the queen of pop would plead with her fans to be rescued on ‘rescue me’

On the ballad front, Paula Abdul would have a massive hit on her hands with ‘Rush Rush’. The video for the track, reimagined the 1955 James Dean/Natalie Wood film Rebel Without A Cause and stayed at number 1 for five weeks in the States.

Canadian superstar Bryan Adams however would do even better, his Robin Hood theme song ‘Everything I Do (I Do It For You) would also become one of the biggest pop ballads in time.

And we could go on and on and on and on… so while this could be a very long post before I get to Kat’s actual 1991 song, here’s a quick link to one giant megamix of 1991. 11 minutes compiling 1991! Enjoy!

Thank you very much Kat Graham for bring 1991 back in our lives. So with no further ado, here’s her new single.

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