Taylor's 'Swift' letter to Apple – Update

Taylor Swift has defended why she won't be releasing 1989 on streaming service Apple Music just yet
Taylor Swift has defended why she won’t be releasing 1989 on streaming service Apple Music just yet

Pop star Taylor Swift has unveiled the reasoning why her latest album 1989 won’t be available on Apple’s upcoming streaming service, Apple Music.

The ‘Bad Blood’ singer wrote a letter addressing Apple in which she praised the company for being great partners in selling her music and creating ways for her to connect with her fans, but offering a free 3 month trial to users, without paying writers, producers or the artists for that period is shocking and disappointing, according to the singer.

The singer went on to explain herself that she isn’t doing this for herself but mainly for new upcoming talent saying ” I don’t do this for myself, me and my team are sorted. This is my fifth album but what about this new artist,band and producer who’ve been working tirelessly, just released their first single and won’t be paid for its success

Swift doesn’t exclude a cooperation in the future, if the industry is able to find a right balance between royalties for the artists and their team and streaming services. Last year, the singer removed her complete discography from Apple’s main competitor Spotify, criticizing royalties paid by the streaming service.

However in the mean time, Apple have responded to Taylor Swift and announced that they are revoking the decisions and will be paying artists during the free user trial period. The changes were announced in a series of tweets, early this morning.

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Great Job Miss Swift!

The full statement from Taylor Swift can be read here.

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