Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods (Video Premiere)

Taylor Swift, Out of the woods, Video Premiere, 1989, Ryan Seacrest

Pop princess Taylor Swift has given her squad another reason to be extra festive this evening. The 26 year old has premiered the video for her upcoming new single ‘Out of the Woods’ on Ryan Seacrest today.

Music Releases 2016 Taylor Swift Out of the Woods 1989‘Out of the Woods’ was originally released as a buzz single for 1989, Swift’s fifth studio album in October 2014. The track became a fan favourite, charting world wide despite getting an official release.
That’s about to change as Swift is set to release ‘Out of the woods’ as the next official single, the first for 2016. Swift shared a video still, assumed from the video, on Instagram yesterday portraying the singer, covered in mud with matted hair in her eyes and a snarl on her lips.

The full video, featuring the singer in a forest, hunted down by wolves, was uploaded a few hours ago to her YouTube channel.



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