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Albums to be excited about in 2016

Its fair to say we were very spoilt in the albums department last year, weren’t we ? There were plenty of surprises and the return of Madonna, Justin Bieber and Adele were only a handful of the 2015 albums highlights. Continue reading Albums to be excited about in 2016

Kylie & Giorgio tease right here right now Video

The duo unveil a first glimpse of their 'Right Here Right Now' video
The duo unveil a first glimpse of their ‘Right Here Right Now’ video

Just a few days after the leak of the 74 year old’s upcoming new single, featuring pop princess Kylie Minogue, the duo have unveiled a 16 second video teaser of the disco-sounding ‘Right Here Right Now’.

‘Right Here Right Now’ serves as the second single, taken from ’74 is the new 24′, Giorgio Moroder’s upcoming new album, which is packed with stars like Charlie XCX, Sia and Britney Spears.

The ‘Right Here Right Now’ video was shot back in December already and is expected to  be revealed in full in the next few weeks.

Listen to the full single below:

Right Here Right Now; it's Kylie & Giorgio

Listen to Moroder's brand new track 'Right Here Right Now' featuring pop princess Kylie Minogue
Listen to Moroder’s brand new track ‘Right Here Right Now’ featuring pop princess Kylie Minogue

The expectations for World famous dj Giorgio Moroder’s  upcoming album ’74 is the new 24′ were already eyeing up quite high, considering the big names featured on the track list; (Sia, Charlie XCX and Britney Spears are all featured). But what would it actually sound like?

Well, we have a first glimpse of the upcoming album, as the Italian deejay and producer has unveiled his collaboration ‘Right Here Right Now’ with Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue, in which the duo are jumping back to the glory days of Italian Disco music.

Scheduled for release in the spring of 2015, this first teaser is an instant hit, proving Moroder did a fantastic job, getting Kylie on board for this particular track.

You can listen to the track on the following link: