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Albums to be excited about in 2016

Its fair to say we were very spoilt in the albums department last year, weren’t we ? There were plenty of surprises and the return of Madonna, Justin Bieber and Adele were only a handful of the 2015 albums highlights. Continue reading Albums to be excited about in 2016

Goodbye 2014, Time for the end of Year Charts

2014Blimey blimey blimey, yes 2014 has gone quick! We’ve had plenty of music, plenty of comebacks and also plenty to look forward to already for next year. But for now, let’s just hold still and have a look at the 30 tracks, I’ve enjoyed myself the most over the last year.

How does it work? Well there’s 31 days in December, which means over the next four weeks, I’ll present to you one track, we featured or not featured on the site, which struck a chord with us and deserves it spot in our 2014 chart.

31 days you say, and a top 30, I hear you thinking! Don’t worry we got it sorted. Last night we teased one track already which just missed out on a spot in the top 30 on our Twitter page, today it’s THE track that really just missed out, with one spot. So with no further ado:

#31 Katy Perry – Dark Horse ft Juicy J

Katy Perry Dark Horse VideoTo be fair, I was pretty late at the party when it came to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream, so it was a pretty good relief I didn’t miss the ‘Prism’ boat. The album campaign kicked off pretty amazingly with Roar last year, and seemed to be heading the same after Perry released ‘Dark Horse’. The video, is undoubtedly one of the highlights this year and the track got some super fantastic remixes, but after that it’s all gone a bit quiet chart wise with more recent announced singles not quite living up to the expectations. Not that Miss Perry will care much, her tour is still going massively well, and once she has completed it and puts the mind back onto the music, I’m sure this Dark Horse will fly the charts once again in 2015. (See Original Post here)