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Is Britney Spears 9th studio album a return to Glory?

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The Legendary Miss Spears is back with her 9th studio album. Is it as Glorious as the title suggest?

When Britney’s Gimme More leaked on August 30th, 2007 co-writer & Producer Danja’s spoken end verse The legendary Ms. Britney Spears would become one of the most recognisable verse lyrics in pop history.

At the time, the verse couldn’t come at a more turbulent time in the singer’s life. Legendary Britney was indeed, but more for the turbulences in her private life, than her music. Since, Britney’s proven to be a survivor.  No one could possibly predict the singer was set to make a spectacular return with a highly successful Las Vegas residency, and more recently guest appearances, which she’s throughly enjoying this time around, all in aid to promote her brand new album, Glory, the ninth in her career.

To be honest, Britney had a lot to make up for. In November 2013, her eighth studio album, Britney Jean, was met to lukewarm response. Initially claimed as her most personal to date, Britney’s own words, the album was slaughtered, for just that; The lack of a personality. It’s a mistake Britney wasn’t prepared to make again. For Glory, she took her time and got involved with the project more as well. With result.

Hauling in a range of new names of producers and writers for the project, Britney’s 9th studio album feels warmer and more personal than ever before.

She wasn’t wrong when she announced it would be more urban. The sultriness of  album opener, Invitation and current lead single Make Me (ooh), marks the start of a new Britney era; An era of thinking out of the pop box, exploring new music genres, and therefore also adapting her voice. But there’s also a nudge back to the early Britney work. Her most recent buzz track Do You Wanna Come Over catapults you right back to 2004, when Spears’ career gave us, one of her biggest hits to date, Toxic. It’s a brushed up nostalgic throwback.  You better work, bitch? She sure did.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. As Britney Jean proved, there are times, the lyrics to some of new Britney era, proves to be hit and miss, leaving a bit of a clumsy impression, due to the repetition of either the same word or a same sentence. At least when you hear it first time around. (Yes we look at you, Clumsy and Private Show). Especially beat drenched Clumsy could have done with better lyrics, I found personally. Production wise it’s spot on, though.

But we’ll let Britney off the hook. She has been working very hard on bringing us a collection of fun Britney tracks. It’s not as cohesive as Blackout but if you compare Britney’s music legacy since 2009, Glory is ultimately the best she’s done since.

Glory is out now. Buy the album here or stream on Spotify.

If you can’t find enough of Britney, check out her appearance on James Corden’s Karaoke Pool below:

Britney’s returning for a live performance to the Video Music Awards, tonight.



Albums to be excited about in 2016

Its fair to say we were very spoilt in the albums department last year, weren’t we ? There were plenty of surprises and the return of Madonna, Justin Bieber and Adele were only a handful of the 2015 albums highlights. Continue reading Albums to be excited about in 2016

15 Albums We're Looking Forward to seeing released in 2015

Discover the 15 albums which are on our wishlist this year
Discover the 15 albums which are on our wishlist this year

We got some fantastic albums in 2014, with the releases of X, In the Lonely Hour as front runners but based on what we know so far, 2015 should be pretty epic too in terms of album releases. Here are 15 albums we hope to see at some stage this year;

Madonna – Rebel Heart

Well, this is of course the worst kept secret, considering a staggering 23 demo’s leaked little than a month ago, leaving Madge in quite a state. The good news however is that, it’s scheduled for beginning of March and with six tracks (five in the UK) already available through the pre-order, Madonna’s officially announced her comeback to the charts. Wahey!

Solange – TBA

2014 belonged to her big sister Beyonce, but what If baby sister Solange Knowles decided to return with a brand new album and surprise us all. Surely now that she’s married there must be room for a new album, let alone a surprise release (it runs in the family after all). No news yet from her entourage, but here’s one dreaming and hoping she doesn’t get broody first.

Ella Eyre – Feline

Ah Ella Eyre, we like Ella. Her rusty vocals, her ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude in her lyrics. Yes we like her a lot. And the album is apparently finished but been delayed due to promotion elsewhere. Early February is when we can expect this one. Woohoow!

2015 Eurovision Song Contest 

Now now! Don’t laugh, but yes actually every year we are more than thrilled for the release of all the entries that are taking part at Eurovision. This year there’s going to be 39, so we’re hoping for a big mix of eurodance, snooze euro ballads and a variety on music styles. Bring it on Europe!

Adele – 25 (Is that really what it’s called?)

Well we’re slightly over assuming here. Judging by the buzz, Adele is definitely going to rule 2015, and while we’re all expecting to be called 25, it might not be that. I mean it could be the birth date of her little son e.g for all we know. But that’s not really the point. New Adele is coming and I’m too darn excited!

Robyn – TBA

I think this is probably one of the most anticipated and long waits we had for a Scandinavian album release in a very long time. But after her collaboration EP with Royksopp, Robyn is reportedly working on a brand new EP scheduled for release in 2015. If that’s the case, album of the year!

Giorgio Moroder – 74 is the new 24

Dance producer Giorgio Moroder worked together with legends like Donna Summer and more recently Daft Punk, being an absolute icon in the world of dance, funk and disco world. This year he’s broaden his horizons even more with a brand new album featuring collaborations with Charlie XCX, Sia and the legendary Miss Britney Spears. Muchos Excitimossimos from our side.

Rihanna – TBA

2015 is turning out to be the battle of albums, with Barbadian pop princess Rihanna also wanting her share of the album pie this year. Rumours are suggesting the new album might be called ‘R8’ which makes me wonder if the album comes with a score card if that’s the name. Anyhow, considering Rihanna has taken her time for it, 2 years in fact, we’re very intrigued to find out what she got in store for us.

Fifth Harmony – Reflection

The debut album of new girl group, Fifth Harmony is coming pretty close with a release date scheduled mid January. We’re pretty intrigued about these five girls that were put together during the US version of the X Factor two years ago, considering they have all the right ingredients to give us some very fine pop music, even if the release of Bo$$, was a pretty wrong thing to do here in the UK (It should have been sledgehammer).

Rebecca Ferguson – TBA

Meanwhile in the UK, Former X Factor runner up Rebecca Ferguson is also expected to release a brand new album in the first part of the year. Expected in March, we’re quite intrigued whether album number three will see Rebecca put on her dancing shoes and take the charts by storm once more.

Janet Jackson – TBA

There’s a lot of wishful thinking here, unfortunately. No official confirmation whether Miss Jackson is back in the recording studio, but wouldn’t it be absolutely brilliant if Janet were to come back at the same time as all the other diva’s?

Leon Else – TBA

24 year old Leon Else from Kent, unveiled his debut EP consisting of four tracks, last year and judging by the lead single ‘River Full of Liquor’, this young fella has got all the right stuff to deliver and be big in 2015. So no wonder, considering we’re this blown away, we’re eager to get a studio album with his no beating around the bush lyrics and heavenly electro-pop a pronto.

Kodaline – Coming Up For Air 

Irish band Kodaline are set to release their brand new single, Honest in the coming weeks, leaving us already pretty excited of what’s to come on their second studio album ‘Coming Up For Air’. It won’t be a long wait as the album is out February 9th and hopes to do as equally well as its 2013 predecessor.

Fleur East – TBA

yes 2014 X Factor runner up Fleur East stole the show and limelight on several occasions throughout the annual talent show, proving she is the ultimate package. It will be very interesting what this lady will have in store, coming 2015. I think it’s pretty safe to say that things will be pretty quiet until August-September’ish before an announcement is due.

Britney Spears – TBA

Yes you heard that right, the legendary Miss Spears is also set to release a brand new studio album this year. Thank God for that, ‘Britney Jean’ was anything but the quality and pop we was hoping for by the pop princess, so let’s hope lovely Britney gets it totally right this time around. Iggy Azalea is involved on the first single, so that will be interesting, although not a guarantee (Ask Jennifer Lopez).