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The Eurovision 2017 Countdown: 249 Austria’s plea for unity

Simone keine mauern mehr Austria 1990
An Austrian song about unity from 1990; Keine Mauern Mehr by Simone

The fall of the Berlin wall in November 1989, inspired many of the countries to stress unity in their lyrics, including the Austrian entry in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest.

Initially, Simone Stelzer’s entry Keine Mauern Mehr, wasn’t Austria’s number one choice. It emerged the winning entry, Das Beste by Duett, had already participated in a German qualifying heat two years before. The track was disqualified and the 20 year old Vienna born pop singer, was declared winner and flew to Zagreb after all.

As in true Eurovision style, Keine Mauern mehr was a dramatic mid tempo song about unity and freedom, performed in four languages; German, English, French and Serb-Croatian. The jury of 22 participating countries, deemed the song not strong enough to secure a win, but Simone did finish in 10th overall.