Starting position for Eurovision host country Ukraine revealed.

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Host country Ukraine is set to perform 22nd in the Eurovision Song Contest final, it’s been revealed.

Tradition for the Heads of Delegation Meeting

Since a few years, an allocation draw is taking place on the Delegations meeting, where the running order of the host country for the final is determined. The rock band O.Torvald have now been confirmed to perform 22nd. The other five finalists, are expected to find out in which part of the final they are set to perform after their second rehearsal in Kiev. Since 2013, it’s up to the tv producers to decide the running order of the three shows, in order to create a more diverse show.

Jan Ola Sand Eurovision 2017
Eurovision Finalist, O.Torvald, will be performing 22nd for their home crowd in Kiev, on May 13. (Copyright Photo:

Currently, 43 delegations are in Kiev for two meeting days, where they’ll be informed about the progress of the upcoming edition and more. Today and tomorrow are also considered the deadline where each broadcaster has to submit the audio and video materials for their representatives. Despite earlier concerns regarding Russia’s intentions to take part, the country also confirmed its participation last night.

Celebrating Diversity with Ukrainian ‘rock’ in the final.

Like many countries, Ukraine chose its participants through a national televised final, eventually won by the established rock band O.Torvald. For now, they’ll be the only act to know their final starting position. Positions for the other five finalists are expected to be drawn after their second

Eurovision 2017 Celebrate Diversity Ukraine O.Torvald
Set to rock the stage in May; Established Ukrainian act O.Torvald will have the ‘time’ of their lives. (Photo source:

rehearsals, in Kiev. The remaining 20 final spaces will be determined after the two semi-finals, where 10 countries will be chosen via jury and televoting.

Over the next couple of weeks, PopCorker will present the 2017 Eurovision acts, including O.Torvald, and also cover the London Eurovision Party on April 2nd. (They’ll also be performing at the event by the way).

Watch Ukraine’s winning Eurovision performance by Jamala, below:

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