Discover Shura; a touch of Blood Orange and Velvet Rope Janet Jackson…

Shura Touch

The English/Russian Singer Songwriter and producer delivers an incredible debut with the fragile 80’s pop sounding ballad ‘Touch’. 

Shura TouchDespite being a songwriter, producer, and performing Anglo-Russian upcoming talent Shura also finds the time to being a video editor. A pool of many talents as you can see. She’s quite a special one, Shura.

Being born as the child of a Russian actress who turned down a role in ‘Goldeneye’, believing James Bond to be anti-Russian Shura’s interest in music started through her brother, who’d DJ drum-and-bass at the weekends. Keen to impress him, Shura began building her own songs, refining with Massive Attack in mind.

To fuel her passion, She went to South America, where Shura worked for an extended period after her studies giving her songwriting the boost she needed. What a boost it has been. Her debut single ‘Touch’, speaking about the sadness of not being with someone anymore, but the infinite tenderness of your time together, is absolutely mind blowing, warm and one of the best pieces of atmospheric pop we have heard in a long time.

”I want to touch you, but I’m too late. I want to touch you, but there’s history” … do we need to say more?

Keep an eye out for Shura, this young lady who’s the perfect mix between Blood Orange and Velvet rope Janet Jackson, is a star on the rising!

Listen to ‘Touch’ below:



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