Scissor Sisters vs Krystal Pepsy – Shady Love Review

It’s the Scissor sisters who have convinced me to be my first ever music review on a blog. The group revealed today the video for their new single ‘Shady Love’ which will be released on February 12.

After the massive success of ‘Night Work’, which in my opinion was more in the style of commercial pop, the Scissor Sisters are returning back to their own roots, making pop music with an edge.

The group are onto a winner and have once again made  a promising start for 2012. Featuring Krystal Pepsy, better known as Azealia Banks, who’s taking part of the rapping for her account ‘Shady Love’ promises not to dissapoint. Azealia Banks, by the way, is tipped to be one of 2012 most promising acts, so watch this space.

‘Shady Love’ probably needs more than one listen to fully appreciate the brilliance behind the song. While the beats of the song are wicked, it took me at least another listen to fully appreciate the rapping, before this song was bombarded to utter brilliance.

2012 has definately begun and I can not wait to hear more of the Scissor Sisters. The song ‘Shady Love’ will be released on February 12. In the mean time, here is the video for you to enjoy!


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