Samantha Mumba interested in representing Ireland at Eurovision 2018

Eurovision’s ultimate winner Ireland seems to be in an all-time low as it failed to qualify from the semi-finals once more. But there’s hope.

Ireland’s seven victories in the competition mean they are the absolute kings of Eurovision. But in recent years, the country failed to connect with the audience. This year, their representative Brendan Murray, failed to qualify for the fourth time in a row for the grand final, with Dying To Try. And Irish media are not happy about it at all.

Media and Parliament lash out to RTE

Since last week, Irish broadcaster RTE has been blamed in the media and parliament for handling Eurovison. From blame to being called a national embarrassment in parliament, it’s not been a very good week for RTE. An overview of who said what can be found here.

One of Ireland’s leading media papers, the Irish Times are very firm in their approach. They are suggesting a return to pop music for Ireland, with one particular candidate in mind; Samantha Mumba.

A beacon of hope and light; Samantha Mumba for 2018?

Believe it or not, but turns out Samantha Mumba is interested! The Irish singer, rose to fame in 2000 when she released her debut single Gotta Tell You. These days she’s been focussing more on her acting career although she briefly returned to the music industry in 2013 when she released a new single for the Irish tv show, The Hit. The success of Somebody Like Me sparked another single release in 2014.

In response to the Irish Times article, the singer tweeted she’d definitely be up to the task.

Mumba’s name has been named as possible Eurovision act before. In 2014, the singer’s name circulated as a possibility though never materialized.

It’s very unlikely we’ll hear more of Ireland’s plan regarding the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest until the autumn at earliest, and whether RTE will take up Samantha’s offer. We think they should. Just have a look at the Netherlands new found success at Eurovision recently, RTE.

Last year, Brendan Murray was announced on December 16 as the Irish representative. His song Dying To Try, followed in March. In Kyiv, Brendan finished 13th out of 18 participants, with 86 points. Check out his performance below:

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