Running on Charm; Meet Austria’s Eurovision candidate Nathan Trent

Popcorker Eurovision 2017 Austria Review

Austria’s Eurovision responsibilities lay this year with the very charismatic, young singer Nathan Trent. He’s following in the footsteps of Zoe with a huge charm offensive across Europe.

Popcorker Eurovision 2017 Austria Review
Austrian charm; Nathan Trent is set to leave you with a smile after his performance on May 11th (photo by:

If there ever were a congeniality price at Eurovision, singer-songwriter Nathan Trent wins the competition hands down. Here’s why:

Since he became Austria’s Eurovision hopeful, Nathan’s embraced the Eurovision life in a variety of ways. He’s been covering Eurovision songs for his fans, He’s been teaming up with fellow contestants over duets but he’s also been an absolute gentleman at the preview parties and meeting the press. He’s been oozing enthusiasm and quite the charmer too, lighting up any room he sets foot in.

Austria’s answer to Ed Sheeran

Let that also be, Austria’s selling point this year. All those aspects above can be traced back in his actual Eurovision entry, Running on Air, which he’s co-written. It’s a proper feel good song giving off an enormous, uplifting Ed Sheeran vibe. If a song ever dealt with so much positivity, enthusiams and living life to its full potential, this is the one.

Good thing, the Austrian broadcaster ORF, offered Nathan the job internally, as he was initially shortlisted to take part for their neighbours, Germany in their national final, Unser Song. (Read our review of Germany’s entry here). Job, well done, ORF!

So what are Nathan’s chances? Just like his predecessor, Zoë, last year, Nathan has that instant likeability, Europe’s going to fall in love with.  Considering Running on Air is incredibly accessible, there’s no don’t in our mind, a spot in the grand final is easily in reach.

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