RTP confirms 2018 Eurovision Song Contest heads to Lisbon

53 years they’ve had to wait and today RTP announced Portugal’s capital city Lisbon will be the host city for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest.

Eurovision 2017 Ukraine winner
After 53 years, Salvador Sobral gives Portugal its first Eurovision victory.

Contrary to the last few years, RTP have opted to select Lisbon as host city, rather than setting up a bidding process in order to decide the next host.

According to the newspaper,  Observador, however, The Mayors of Guimarães, Faro and Santa Maria da Feira have reportedly contacted RTP to set up a bidding process to decide the next year’s host. It is however very unlikely, their wish will be taken into consideration as the cities are lacking sufficient infrastructure.

Lisbon has a fantastic infrastructure in place with a large transport network, including the Lisbon Metro, trams, bus and rail services, plenty of hotels to accommodate delegations and fans, AND a nearby airport.

Meo Arena first preference?

MEO Lisbon Arena
Though not yet confirmed, is the MEO Arena the venue for next year’s Eurovision?

According to the newspaper source, The European Broadcasting Union has suggested the Meo Arena in Lisbon as competition venue to RTP.

The Meo Arena was completed in 1998 as the pavilion for EXPO’98 and has a capacity of 20,000. It is the joint third largest indoor arena in Europe and the largest in Portugal, having hosted several World & European sporting championships.

Last night Salvador and his sister Luisa Sobral arrived back home after winning the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday evening. The airport was packed with fans wishing the duo well. 

Portugal have been taking part 53 years in the Eurovision Song Contest before claiming their first win. Regardless where the contest is held, we’re bound to get a Eurovision Song Contest we’ll never forget.

The 2018 dates for the Eurovision Song Contest are yet to be confirmed, though there are rumors circulating the grand final is expected to take place on Saturday, May 12.

Source: Observador

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