Pre-Eurovision 2012 Flashback; Denmark’s Ditte Marie

Eurovision is well under its way, and in the next couple of months many broadcasters in Europe are choosing their entries through national finals. Although the winner might not always be the most modern one, there are always a good bunch of entries, us music lovers don’t always get to hear on the European stage or even worse forget about. Like this one.

Let’s head to Denmark, where in 2012 the nation chose its representative for the  Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan. That year, the Danish broadcaster revealed 10 candidates to take part. Losing one under the way due to the song being released prior to the September 1st rule, 10 became 9. Among which, this lovely lady, Ditte Marie, former front woman of Le Kid.

Overflow is not what you can call a super innovating ‘oh let’s go all mental for it’ type of song, but its got the traditional Eurovision swagger, with a catchy chorus and the usual ”oh oh oh” , something many Eurovision fans love. Take away the Eurovision label however and it’s still a decent radio pop song.

Unfortunately for Ditte Marie, the Danish audience didn’t quite vote enough for her to make it into the super final and win the ticket to Azerbaijan. The victory eventually went to Soluna Samay, who represented Denmark with Should’ve Known Better.

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