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Pink Angels Slay Mama Official Video 0

Pink Angels – Slay Mama

Slay Mama, Slay! Forget about Charlies Angels; There’s only one set of angels on the scene and they are coming all the way from the Czech Republic. 

Michaela May 0

Michaela May – Lights Out

Gosh! Has it really been six months since Michaela May got us crazily exited with 1954? How time flies! Now 7 months later, our favourite Canadian singer songwriter is ready to do it all...

Olly Murs You don't know love banner 0

Video: Olly Murs – You Don’t Know Love

British singer songwriter and former X Factor host Olly Murs, flew all the way to the city of game slots and glamour to shoot the visual for his latest You Don’t Know Love. 

Salt Ashes Album download 0

Salt Ashes delivers on Debut (Album Review)

Brighton based artist Salt Ashes, has a set of vocals, many won’t find too dissimilar from a certain famous pop princess. But let me tell you, Veiga Sanchez, is anything but a ‘Kylie impersonator’. 

Review, Loreen, I'm In It With You 0

Loreen – I’m In it With You

Like many I have  a pretty extensive music collection. Something which has been building and building since developing a big love for music at the age of 13.  So kicking off a bit of...

Naomi Scott 0

Listen to the stunning new Naomi Scott track Lovers Lies

Hailing from London, Naomi’s already earned her stripes in the acting world,  having shared the screen with Matt Damian ( ‘The Martian’ ) , Antonio Banderas (‘The 33’) as starring in the award winning independent short...