One to watch: James Morrison – Slave to the Music

Let’s stay in the UK for the moment and go to another singer songwriter. Not from Scotland but Warwickshire. Yes it’s James Morrison, which we all remember from his massive hit ‘You Give Me Something’ in 2006 and the Nelly Furtado duet in 2008.

February 20th sees the release of  ‘Slave to the Music’, James 3rd cut ,taken from his album ‘The Awakening’ . And my oh my it seems James has been listening to Adele because this tune is definately within the Adele/Rebecca Ferguson-arrangements.

I am hearing a bit of ‘Rolling In the Deep’ in the song, which is superb. James vocals are absolutely breathtaking, his husky voice just gives ‘Slave to the music’ a proper schwung and hallelujah, this is the kind of song I need to show people that I am indeed a slave of music.

Also loving the video, great setting. James is looking absolutely gorgeous and in some shots reminds me of Chris Martin from Coldplay. (A comparison I’ve always noticed to be fair) not to mention all the other eye candy he’s provided in the video. James more of this please.

Enjoy the video!

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