From one Fairytale to another; Alexander Rybak covers Salvador Sobral

Amar Pelois Dos Eurovision Cover 2017

Watch former Norwegian Eurovision winner, Alexander Rybak cover the Eurovision 2017 winning entry,  Amar Pelos Dois.

From one Eurovision winner to another

Amar Pelois Dos Eurovision Cover 2017
Former Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak turns the winning Portuguese Eurovision entry into an English fairytale.

Alexander Rybak set an absolute record for Norway when he won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Fairytale with 387 points. Until the voting system change in 2016, the Norwegian violin player remained the highest ever scoring Eurovision winner.

Last night, Salvador Sobral from Portugal smashed the record again, scoring a staggering 758 points, impressing both jury and televoters at home. A good enough reason for the former Eurovision winner to give his own magic touch to Amar Pelois Dois.

Alexander announced the video earlier today on his Instagram account, with a message for his fans, explaining why he wanted to do a cover of the song with English lyrics.

Violin in one hand, some English lyrics and there you go. Alexander Rybak demonstrates once more he’s an absolute pro in bringing the fairytale out even more. Absolutely magical.

We wonder what Salvador makes of this beautiful tribute. The Portuguese singer raised a few eyebrows last night when he pointed out the presence of manufactured pop music in the world, during his acceptance speech.

Check out Alexander’s tribute cover below and let us know what you make of it.

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