No changes for Malta’s Eurovision selection in 2018

Malta PBS Eurovision 2018

The Maltese selection process for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest won’t undergo any changes, its chief executive has announced.

Changes to remain

John Bundy, the  chief executive for Maltese broadcaster PBS has announced there won’t be any changes made to Malta’s Eurovision preselection.

For the first time, it was televoters only who decided the winner of Malta’s national final this year. The national final was won by the 29-year-old Claudia Faniello. Her song, the ballad,  Breathlessly failed to make the grand final last Thursday.

The country finished in 16th place during the second semi final, after its 8th place in the jury voting tanked completely after not receiving a single point in the televoting.

“We are very disappointed with the result because compared to some of the countries that made it through, we had a song that was just as good” Bundy said. “But we’ve been going through this for the past 45 years. Last year expectations were high, we spent a lot of money, and we still didn’t win. Ultimately, it’s a competition. If you look at the comments from journalists and even the festival directors, many thought it was a pity we didn’t go through.” (source Times of Malta)

The announcement of the selection also means Malta will be among the participants at the 2018 Song Contest, held in Lisbon. As last year, the winner won’t be allowed to swap its winning song after the final of Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

More details on  Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2018 are expected in the autumn.



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