Nick Jonas – Closer ft Tove Lo (Video Premiere)

Nick Jonas Close Tove Lo Video 2016

Nick Jonas Close Tove Lo Video 2016Pop Heartthrob Nick Jonas has big ambitions. Merely a few months after he released his album Nick Jonas x 2, the pop singer and occasional actor, has announced the details of his next one. 

Fans of the former Jonas Brother trio, didn’t have to wait long for new material from Last Year Was Complicated, either. While the album is scheduled for a June 1o date, the first single is a fact. And it’s a rather fiery affair.

Calling in the help of Swedish pop princess Tove Lo, Close is a sultry, mid tempo pop affair, with tropical influences, assumingly produced by the steelpan instrument. The video, which premiered earlier today is also a must watch. Be ready to be drawn in a cat and mouse game, where the pair are¬†seated on chairs which keep moving away from each other. Pieces of clothing are being ripped, there’s modern dancing and there’s a lot of touching too. Needless to say, we love it.

After last year’s underrated performance for both the album, and the singles, we really do think Mister Jonas has a great chance to do very well and finally affirm his status as the next best male pop star on this planet. For those who already are besotted with Nick, the pre-order for his new album is available here. Close, the new single, will be available immediately for you to download, when you do.


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