Molly Sandén – Like No One's Watching EP

Artwork 'Like No One's Watching EP' by Molly Sandén (Picture Source:
Artwork ‘Like No One’s Watching EP’ by Molly Sandén (Picture Source:

Don’t be misjudged by the title of 22 year old Swedish songwriter Molly Sandén’s upcoming EP ‘Like No One’s Watching’ because there’s easily plenty featured on her latest music effort to be excited about.

Featuring last year’s haunting smash ‘Freak’ and it’s succession, the pop anthem ‘Phoenix’,  Sandén’s latest six track collection continues her music journey in the broad urban pop genre, with much success we have to say. Joined by three brand new tracks, the Slick R&B track California Dreams, EDM-Pop infused Satellites and current pop ballad ‘Like No One’s Watching’, 22 year old Molly making a right statement she’s not only an authentic singer with an extraordinary talent for music but a prime example why Sweden’s so bloody good in crafting pop music.

Having represented Sweden as a 14 year old in the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest where she finished 3rd, Molly’s build up a steady and promising music career with longevity, you’re definitely want to keep an eye on.

Listen to ‘Like No One’s Watching’ below:


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