Lawson debut new single Money (Video premiere)

Money Artwork 2016

Lawson band 2016British pop rockers Lawson are making huge promises in their brand new single Money

The gigantic stadium filler, clocks out in just under three minutes, and you guessed it right it’s a quite a promise the foursome are happy to buy whatever your heart desires, once their bank accounts are completely bottomless.

Loving this new direction Lawson are heading into quite a lot actually. Think of it as Maroon 5 meets the finest in current Britpop. Sounds pretty good right?

After the release of their 2015 Ep Lawson and the main single Roads, we’re in good spirits the new single is the predecessor of a brand new album, later in the year.

The official video premiered on Youtube, earlier today February 4 via their official Youtube channel. Watch it below:

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