Latvia continues Eurovision quest with Second Supernova semi tonight – Update

Latvia Eurovision 2017
Latvia Eurovision 2017
Latvia’s Eurovision quest continues tonight; Check out the Supernova heat 2 contestants.

From zero to hero! Latvia’s track record at Eurovision has been pretty underwhelming on a larger scale. But since the introduction of Supernova, the countries track record is being improved. Needless to say, Supernova is back for a third season.

We missed last week’s kick-off episode but don’t worry, the second heat takes place tonight. Let’s have a look at what Latvia has on offer tonight. But more importantly, can they finally produce another Eurovision winner?

The Format: Who qualifies and Spotify integration

How does Supernova work? Well, there’s four tickets up for grabs from tonight’s heat. The lucky four will join the four qualifiers from last week for the semi-final next week. Important to know is that part of the result is being determined on Spotify as well. (You can read more about that here).

The artists and songs; Our opinion

Katrine Lukins – Silhouette

Swedish born, Latvian-based Katrine Lukins gets to kick Supernova off with a mid-tempo ballad, which in essence isn’t bad. But here’s the problem; Silhouette doesn’t build up to a climax. It plods along from start to finish without having a much-needed drive behind it. This is quite likely going to struggle for a semi-final spot, especially from number one.

UP – One by One

Contrary to song number one, the second act has brought her A-Game to the contest. One By One is one of those alternative pop productions that offers a mysterious atmosphere and a haunting set of lyrics. I’m very eager to find out how this is going to be staged. A worthy semi finalist? Definitely. Could it go all the way to Kiev? Not entirely sure. It misses a bit of a spark to go the whole way.

Laura & Chris – Little Weird

The Eurovision Song Contest loves a duet! If they are done properly. It’s not the easiest option when you think about it. The artists need to suit the song, they need to share a connection. Oh and a cracker of a song too. Unfortunately for Laura & Chris, I personally don’t think they have anything. (I hope to be proven wrong). Little Weird is a little weird, with far too much pointless lyrics and story telling cramped into the three minutes it has to be sold onto the viewers. A lacklustre choice.

Santa Daņeļeviča – Your Breath

Latvia, you have my attention! Don’t get me wrong, there’s still a lot of work to be done, but we’re in the right direction. Santa’s effort is by far the most memorable. Don’t be fooled by its gentle ballady intro. Your Breath slowly builds up though I wished it continued pushing the boundaries further. Promising however.

The Ludvig – I’m In Love With You

Who knew, Latvia were so in love with electro pop, even if it isn’t as radio friendly. That’s the only concern I have with I’m In Love with You. It misses a hook for me personally. All marks re originality though. Ludvig looks like a cross between last year’s Swedish entrant Frans and Harry Potter. Perhaps those young looks could sway Latvia first and the rest of Europe in May? Who knows.

Miks Galvanovskis – Runaway

Well, one thing’s for sure, Latvia is definitely providing us with a lot of different genres this year. I do love a mid tempo funk and disco inspired pop song. I’m less keen on this one though. I’m not a fan of Mik’s voice, and have trouble understanding the lyrics due to poor diction.

Toms Kalderauskis – We Won’t Back Down

Not gonna lie, I was hoping for a big big anthemic chorus, based on the title alone. While I don’t think we got that in full extent, We Won’t Back Down, does have a lot of potential. The lyrics are well cheesy, but as the song progresses this is memorable enough to sing along to when the second chorus kicks in. I’d happily see Tom live another day.

Markus Riva – Dynamite

Markus Riva is slowly but surely becoming a preselection veteran in Latvia. He’s appearing for the fourth time with Dynamite; a modern pop song on a marching drum production. In honesty I’m a little bit underwhelmed, because I’m missing the energy or dynamite in the song. But Markus is popular in Latvia, and judging by his previous track record, I have no doubt he’ll be amongst the qualifiers.

Triana Park – Line

We’ve had to wait quite some time before we are getting a club inspired anthem. Was it worth it? I’m not entirely convinced. Though I can appreciate the genre, I’m not that fond of the ‘build up – Climax – Back to the start-Repeat’ phenomena. And that’s what’s a total shame about Triana Park’s Line. It needs more fluidity.

My Radiant You – All I Know

Returning for a second year in a row, are My Radiant You. Contrary to last year’s effort this is far more up my street. Is it groundbreaking? No, but it has a very charming touch about it. All I Know is not gonna set the world on fire, but Eurovision needs a few feel good songs. My Radiant You, would fit that bill perfectly.

The HiQ – Taju ot lyubvi

Newcomers The HiQ are still relatively knew to the music industry, having started in 2015. Don’t hold that against them though. Performing the sole non-English song in this heat, it’s in Russian by the way, the HiQ are undoubtedly going to be noticed. Again I’m liking the sound of this, though I’m left hungry in the drama department. Lacks a little punch, but nice way to close this heat.

Who (we hope) should qualify?

Ultimately it’s down to the Latvian fans at home. but we’re hoping to see these acts back next week;

  1. Santa Daņeļeviča – Your Breath
  2. Toms Kalderauskis – We Won’t Back Down
  3. My Radiant You – All I Know
  4. The HiQ – Taju ot lyubvi

Let us know who you are rooting for.


On Sunday evening, Latvian viewers decided the acts going through tonight were:

  1. Santa Daņeļeviča – Your Breath
  2. My Radiant You – All I Know
  3. Triana Park – Line
  4. The Ludvig I’m In Love With You

They are joining last week’s qualifiers Miks Dukurs, Lauris Valters, Franco Franco & Linda Leen for next week’s semi final. A total of six acts will go through to the Supernova final, which takes place February 26.

Last year, Justs Surmais won Supernova with Heartbeat, representing Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest. Check out his performance below.


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