Kylie’s Sexercizing in the gym for new video


Kylie Minogue unveils the video for her upcoming second solo single, Sexercize. 

Kylie-Minogue-Sexercise-2014Kiss Me Once, Kylie’s new album has only just hit the shelves, leaving our favourite Aussie pop princess to unveil the official video already for her upcoming new single ‘Sexercize’.

The singer is seen wearing a white leotard and red high heels (ever so glamorous), strutting her stuff in a big gym hall with a few dancers by her side. The images are alternated with stills from the dressing room where Kylie’s getting a little frisky with some of her fellow female dancers.

Now if we’re being honest, Sexercize is probably the most Roc Nation sounding track on Kylie’s new album ‘Kiss Me Once’ and though we really tried to like it, this Sia penned pseudo-dubstep song just doesn’t quite do it for us.

Sexercize is featured on Minogue’s latest album Kiss Me Once, which was released Monday March 17.

Watch the video below:

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