From Junior to the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest; The Dutch harmonies of OG3NE

Will they or won’t they? After months of speculations, sister trio OG3NE were finally confirmed as the Dutch entry for Kyiv. Their vocal harmonies are the Dutch secret weapon. 

From Junior to The Voice

Netherlands Eurovision 2017
Lisa, Amy and Shelly Vol, are OG3NE. Are those spine tingling harmonies predicting a victory for the Netherlands this year? (Photo by

Sisters Lisa, Amy, and Shelley Vol, the latter two being fraternal twins were fed a love for music since they were little. When the opportunity arose for the trio to represent their country at the 2007 Junior Eurovision, little did we know the band would nourish hopes to take part in the grown up edition, in years to come?

After their junior adventure, the band rebranded as OG3NE, while auditioning for the fifth series of The voice of Holland in 2014. The trio outshone the competition with their beautiful harmonies, eventually winning the series.

As singles were released, tv appearances booked and tours selling out, the group openly announced their interest in representing the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest last year. After months of rumors, AVROTROS confirmed the band in October.

Sticking to the formula they are notoriously known for, OG3NE head to Kyiv, with Lights and Shadows. The track, written by their father and Rory de Kievit, emphasizes on their beautiful harmonies.

Since the song announcement, comparisons have been drawn to the American sister band Wilson Philips, but unlike the latter the harmonies of Amy, Shelly and Lisa are absolutely spine-tingling. This is by far, one of the hardest entries to predict.

For a couple of years now, the Netherlands have really turned a corner in regards to the Eurovision Song Contest. Since internally selecting their artists, the country has qualified for the grand final 3 out of four times. In 2014, the Common Linnets unexpectedly came in second, scoring a huge hit worldwide with Calm After the Storm. There’s no reason to believe, OG3NE, couldn’t do the same, if the presentation is spot on.

A bold and interesting choice from the Netherlands once again.

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