Introducing… Stone Walters

There are a lot of talented people out there and even though we are quite a new music blogspot it’s quite important for us to support new artist. Tonight we’d love you to meet British soul/alternative artist Stone Walters.

this lovely fella started following me a few days ago and informed me he had a new song out. He calls it himself one of his whisper-songs.

I’m constantly seduced by the thought that you can only change the world if you have deep enough pockets, a loud enough microphone, or a larger-than-life spectacle.  

But lately another thought has begun to fascinate me.  It is the idea that there is another way.  A way much slower by many standards and definitely far less flamboyant.  It is the idea the world can be changed by the power of a ‘whisper’ – a still, small, and quiet voice – into the heart of one person at a time.” (Source:

We find ‘Home’ charming and so sincere, that we had to introduce Stone to you all. We can’t wait to hear what he’s got in store for us next. Good news for all of you who want to hear it over and over again Stone, is also giving the song away for free via his website


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