Introducing Jamala, Ukraine’s hopeful for Eurovision.

Jamala’s 1944 will undoubtedly spark a debate in Europe (Photo by Sasha Samsonova)

With just a few days left until we join team in Sweden, for the Eurovision Song Contest, we’re on the last leg of entries taking part this year. One of the most controversial ones this year, is undoubtedly Jamala’s who represent Ukraine. 

Jamala’s entry, 1944, tells the story about Crimean tartars, who were deported from their original area and banned from settling in the area. The song, a melancholic, dramatic electro ballad, is said to have been inspired by Jamala’s grandmother who witness and also one of the victims of the tragedy.

The lyrics say it all really (When strangers are coming… They come to your house, They kill you all  and say,  We’re not guilty  not guilty) but while they may sound politically inspired, the EBU did clear the song from any political statement citing the song to be historically referenced, and therefore gave it the clear. However many Europeans are pretty likely to raise an eye brow when hearing this the first time.

Speaking of first times, on a positive note, the Crimean language will be heard in the contest for a very first time and that’s pretty exciting, especially since a lot of countries have switched over to English completely. Jamala’s voice itself is also very unusual, so the combination of lyrics, production and voice are bringing a very unique combination, which proves to be very marmite. You either love it or hate it.

Now to which camp do you belong? Check it out below:

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