Introducing: Born Stranger – Be Someone

Born Stranger
Born Stranger
Introducing: Born Stranger, an exciting upcoming electro pop act.

In England we like a good Electronic Pop duo. From The Pet Shop Boys to Tears For Fears to Disclosure….You name them, we love them. Needless to say we are very happy to add another great duo to that list today; Born Stranger.

So who are Born Stranger? Well there’s two people. David Maddox Jones, the voice, & Raife Hacking, the producers, are the master minds behind this duo that’s been going since 2015. Strengthened by the influence of classic acts in the genre along with a huge passion for modern production and songwriting, Born Strangers are a great addition to the list of electro pop acts.

They are making a confident return with Be Someone, which is described by the band itself as “a wake up call; it’s a realisation, some sort of message to say ‘you’re better than this, get out there and do it”. Plenty of punch, a huge production, massive hooks in a 2016 kinda way featuring plenty of good old classic songwriting. It’s oh so promising and very good. Solid stuff, just as we like it. Just have a listen to it below.

All their inspiration comes from acts which have been crafting pop music with a deeper layer, a hidden darkness; From Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode to more current acts like The Weeknd and Sia. All of them are songwriters who have captured the hearts of their audiences by fine tuning their writing and performing skills.

Ultimately the band’s goal is to make pop songs which speak to everyone. Be Someone is a prime example and only just the beginning. With the support of Popjustice in the bag, check out their post here, what could possible be stopping them?

Give them a spin below.

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