Indila unveils Tourner Dans Le Vide video

Indila Video 2014

The French singer releases the video for her second single ‘Tourner Dans Le Vide’. 

Indila Video 2014French singer Indila has the follow up single and video ready for her smash hit ‘Derniere Danse‘.

In the video for ‘Tourner Dans Le Vide’ the singer is seen entering the castle of a prince, refusing his love as she’s fallen in love with a stone cutter. As in most fairy tales, not something our king or prince likes, so what does he do? He kills the stone cutter…. which has impact on Indila too of course. We won’t tell you the outcome, but it’s worth checking out. Not a story with a happy we’re afraid.

BUT the winner here is obviously the song Tourner dans Le Vide, which is more up tempo than its predecessor, but still insanely Indila. It’s taken from the singer’s most recent released debut album ‘Mini World’ which also spans her massively popular hit Derniere Danse (criminally overlooked in the UK by the way).

Both songs and the album, are available via all digital music sellers or streaming services.

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