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We have a long way to go until Stockholm is in sight, but we’re throttling on quite nicely to one of the most successful Eurovision countries in the last decade; Greece. 

While their star may have faded a little in the last two/three years, Greece’s history in the contest has given us some great moments. From Greek drama, to bouzouki-fuelled Greek pop music, Greece was a major hit at Eurovision. But there’s been a bit of shift in recent years. Last year we already noticed a change in Greece’s attitude, when it picked Cypriot Maria-Elena Kyrikou with a very dramatic ballad One Last Breath.

Eurovision Argo Band Greece
The Greek band Argo address the Immigrant crisis in Utopian Land (Photos by Beetroot Design/Costas Pappas)

Unlike last year, it was the Greek broadcaster themselves who picked this years’ entry and artist, announcing they wanted to show the true identity of Greece. The constant stream of Syrian assylum seekers trying to get to Europe via Greek shores, is currently a big part of the countries identity. And that’s what Greece are planning to highlight on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Stockholm with Utopian Land.

Utopian Land is a bit of a melting pot. The Greek identity is certainly represented by the use of the authentic Greek instruments and it’s dramatic English chorus. The verses, in Pontic Greek a first for the Eurovision, are being performed as rap, which at first gives a bit of an usual approach to the song. Especially the break clashes with the verse and the change in tempo. Needless to say, we are in two minds on this one.

Up to Vladimiros Sofianides, Christina Lachana, Konstantinos Topouzis, Alekos Papadopoulos, Maria Elbrus and Elias Kesides, collectively known as Argo, to prove us wrong. Check out Utopian Land below:

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