The Eurovision Running order for Saturday’s final has been revealed

Eurovision 2017 Final Running Order

Let the Eurovision Song Contest final begin! Israel opens the grand final, while France closes tomorrow’s show.¬†

Eurovision 2017 Final Running Order
The Eurovision grand final is happening tomorrow. Check out the running order for tomorrow

Tomorrow night, the 20 winners of the two semi-finals are joined by Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and last year’s winner Ukraine to pick its 62nd winner.

Once again the winner will be chosen by a jury of professional music experts and televoting, each having a share of 50% in the result. The¬†winning broadcaster is expected to organize next year’s contest.

A Varied spectacle on the way

Popcorker Eurovision 2017
Europe is set to celebrate Diversity in tomorrow’s Eurovision Grand Final

Europe is in for quite the treat tomorrow. This year’s theme Celebrate Diversity couldn’t be truer. Expect lots of pyros, a gorilla, yodeling, ethnic-rap and god knows what else.

After last night’s qualifiers, producers of the show worked hard to create an exciting running order for tomorrow evening. The running order of the Grand final looks as follows:

1. Israel
2. Poland
3. Belarus
4. Austria
5. Armenia
6. The Netherlands
7. Moldova
8. Hungary
9. Italy
10. Denmark
11. Portugal
12. Azerbaijan
13. Croatia
14. Australia
15. Greece
16. Spain
17. Norway
18. United Kingdom
19. Cyprus
20. Romania
21. Germany
22. Ukraine
23. Belgium
24. Sweden
25. Bulgaria
26. France

Italy, Bulgaria and Portugal battle it out for the win, but who will be victorious?

Eurovision odds favourites
Who wins the Eurovision Song Contest? According to the bookies, it’s between Kristian Kostov (Bulgaria), Francesco Gabbani (Italy) and Salvador Sobral (Portugal) (Photos by Andres Putting /

Every contest has its favorites and if we’re to believe the latest odds, the Eurovision crown is most likely to head to Italy, Bulgaria or Portugal. The three countries have seen their odds even out since they appeared in the semi-finals this week, promising a neck-to-neck race.

Eurovision 2017 favourites
Keep an eye out for Lucie Jones (UK) Robin Bengtsson (Sweden) and Blanche (Belgium) who could go for victory too in a twist of events.

Despite all odds, Blanche from Belgium is also gearing up to do extremely well. The singer’s so far scoring a huge hit across Europe, holding on to several top ten and top twenty spots on Itunes. Lucie Jones from the United Kingdom and Robin Bengtsson from Sweden are also expected to do extremely well tomorrow night.

The Eurovision Song Contest grand final is live tomorrow at BBC One from 8pm onwards.

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