#Eurovision editorial: 5 Reasons why Oscar And The Wolf should be among the Belgian acts for 2016

Eén announces Eurovision 2016 plansHere’s five reasons why Flemish broadcaster Een should consider Oscar and the Wolf for Eurovision.

The Flemish broadcaster was very quick to announce their plans for the 61st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, after the roaring success of Loic Nottet, last Saturday.

The Eurovision-excited part of Belgium has despite it’s enthusiasm not achieved the great results it hopes for, but with a planned national selection which is only to feature 5 artists next year, Een hopes to have found the winning formula.

In the first of five picks; we have a look at five artists, who each in their own right, would be a perfect fit for the contest in Sweden next year. First up are Oscar and The wolf:

Max Colombie, Ozan Bozdag, Claudio Arduini and Jasper Bullynck are Oscar And The Wolf
Max Colombie, Ozan Bozdag, Claudio Arduini
and Jasper Bullynck are Oscar And The Wolf

Oscar and The Wolf are a four piece electro pop band fronted by Max Colombie,Ozan Bozdag, Claudio Arduini and Jasper Bullynck. The group were founded in 2010, but slowly gained first glimpses of fame in 2013. Last year they’ve released their debut album ‘Strange Entity’, which plumm
eted to the top of the charts and has since captured Belgium by storm.

So plenty of reason already why should these guys would definitely be a good fit to represent Belgium. However there’s more:

1. think out of the box: This year has proven that if you think out of the box, you get rewarded (Belgium and Latvia finished 4th and 6th in the final). If we have a look at the creative and unique aspect of Oscar and the Wolf, it’s pretty straight forward to see that these four guys, have a very special thing going on. Oscar and the Wolf are anything but ordinary electro pop, oh no these guys are on a different level.

2. Success Looms: Their unique mix of indie meets ambient meets electro pop is a recipe for success. In their short life span as a band, Oscar and the Wolf have secured a number one hit album in Belgium, MIA Awards and four singles which have cracked the top 40 in less then a year. The last two ‘Strange Entity’ and ‘Undress’ even went on to crack the top 5. They are still gaining momentum and success in the neighboring countries looms too, which brings us to our third point:

3. They are amazing Live: It isn’t just about records with these guys. The video below, indicates how important playing music is for them. They set a great atmosphere, Max’s voice is sublime and they know exaclty how they want their fans to perceive their music. Give these guys carte blanche at Eurovision and wonder could something like this work at Eurovision? Absolutely! (You can watch their full AB concert here by the way)

Do we need more reasons? Well no, not really but here’s one for the nitty gritty anyway:

4. The lead singer has a Junior Eurovision past 

Max ColobmieIn 2005, Oscar & The Wolf Lead singer Max Colombie, took part in the Belgian national final for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, narrowly losing out with his self-written song ‘Voor Eewig‘. Albeit, composing a pretty traditional Eurovision ballad, Max proved at the time, and throughout his teens, he has outstanding writing skills. We certainly hope and can’t imagine the life dream of this young man to be on the Eurovision stage at some stage, to be gone completely, so Max, if you are reading this, you know you want to!

And finally

5. Do we really need a fifth reason? I mean by now, we’d expect you to be completely won over by them.

Anyhow, the ultimate balance would be a major yes from us here at Popcorker, IF Oscar & The Wolf would consider taking one of the places at the preselection in Belgium. Whether they will, remains to be seen of course. In the mean time, check out their album ‘Entity’ on Itunes (Buy) or Spotify (Stream).


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