Eurovision 2017 : The world at Lindita’s feet (Eurovision 2017 Entry Review)

Lindita Halimi Albania Eurovision 2017

Albania’s yet to make a serious dent in the Eurovision Song Contest landscape. Hoping to bring the goods to the balkan is 27-year-old Lindita Halimi.

Lindita Halimi Albania Eurovision 2017
Former Idols alum Lindita Halimi is representing Albania in Kyiv with World. (Photo source by

To date, Albania’s best result needs to be traced back to 2012, when Kosovar singer Rona Nishliu reached fift place in the grand final with Suus. Now, five years later, Albania is once again reaching out to Kosovo, to bring them Eurovision glory.

International Talent from Kosovo

No pressure on 27-year-old Kosovar singer and songwriter Lindita Halimi‘s young shoulders. She’s had plenty of experience taking part in singing competitions over the years, including several editions of Festivali i Këngës.  

In 2013, the singer moved to the United States, where she appeared three years later in the talent show Idols, where she finished in the top 25. Since, she’s made several attempts back to represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest. In December 2016, she eventually won the national selection with her song Botë.


Despite having chosen her song back in December, Lindita and her team jumped back into the studio to rework her entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. This is not an uncommon thing to do for Albania. Several entries have seen the original songs being revamped; Some more successful than others. Lindita’s new version, premiered mid March as World, has stayed pretty similar to the symphonic Festivali i Këngës version.

Looking at the lyrics, Lindita is essentially questioning the current state of our globe. Her song is therefore a way of offering hope and love, as it’s the one thing that unites us all.  With its universal message and it’s symphonic build up, and a powerhouse vocal, Lindita has profiled herself as THE ballad diva of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Watch out for that long note!

Are we heading to Tirana, next year? It’s unlikely, Europe has moved on from the hope and peace songs to crown them as their winner, but Lindita’s strong vocals should at least raise a few heads to see her qualify from the first semi final.

Check out a taster of Lindita’s First rehearsal below:

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