Eurovision 2017 O.Torvald’s Time to Shine (Ukraine Entry Review)

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The Eurovision Review is back, so we’re kicking off with the representatives of last year’s winning country Ukraine.

Eurovision 2017 Celebrate Diversity Ukraine O.Torvald
Set to rock the stage in May; Established Ukrainian act O.Torvald will have the ‘time’ of their lives. (Photo source:

Thanks to Jamala’s victory in 2016, 42 countries are set to travel to Kiev, for three nights Eurovision Extravaganza in May. There, 25 of them are set to compete against Ukraine’s home defenders O.Torvald, the winners of Ukraine’s national final.

Who are O.Torvald?

O.Torvald are a five piece rock (alternative metal) band, performing largely in Ukrainian. They’re one of Ukraine’s most established rock acts for over a decade.  The current line up consists of  lead singer Yevhen Halych, Denys Myzyuk, Oleksandr Solkha, Kykyta Vasyl’yev and Mykola Rayda. Yevhen and Denys have been part of the band since they were formed in 2005. The group have since released 7 albums to date. Their self-titled debut was released in 2008. Last year the band released #нашiлюдивсюди (#OurPeopleareEverywhere), which you can listen to on their website here. (It’s pretty awesome!)

For Eurovision, O.Torvald have opted  for Time, which happens to be their English debut (good move!). As its title indicates, their entry is about taking a step back and use to opportunity to take a step back before we act. (Check out the full lyrics here). A good word of advise.

Are we staying in Kiev?

It’s no secret, Ukraine know how to stage their Eurovision entries (Plenty examples to pick from). If O.Torvald’s national final performance is anything to by, we’re expecting the setup to be pretty much the same, but just bigger.  As shown in the video above, the group are performing as half machine/half human on a pile of rubble while a countdown clock is shown on the LED’s behind them. A visual spectacle guaranteed.

Does the song, convince us enough to ditch pop music and live the life of rock? No, but Ukraine’s ballsy move to add an alternative to the line up, is totally deserving and in favour of scooping up enough points for a decent score. Celebrate Diversity is this year’s slogan, and well done to Ukraine for adding in variety.

O.Torvald are performing 22nd in the Eurovision Song Contest final on May 13. Prior to the competition, the band have been confirmed as guests for the London Eurovision Party, April 2nd.



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