Eurovision 2017; Levina’s Perfect life (Germany Entry Review)

Eurovision 2017 Germany

While 37 nations have to battle it out to reach the finals, Germany is one of the six already certain of its place in the final. Hoping to make a success story in Kiev, is Levina

Germany Eurovision 2017
Levina’s set to keep Germany away from last place for a third year in a row with ‘Perfect Life’ (Photo by : The Sun)

The 25 year old Bonn born auditioned late last year for Germany’s Unser Song 2017 and went on winning the show in February. After finishing last for the second time in a row, German broadcasters NDR and ARD decided to bring back a talent casting show to pick their entrant for Eurovision. So much for no pressure on Levina’s shoulders.

A great singer but confusing format

Contrary to the last couple of years Unser Song 2017 came back with a revamp which turned out to be rather monotone and very confusing to say the least; 5 aspiring artists were in the running for 2 potential Eurovision entries. After two rounds the field was whittled down to two singers; Levina & Axel Feige. Both would perform Wildfire and Perfect Life, in a genre that suited them most. Levina was crowned winner and after a fourth voting round, Perfect life was chosen as her entry at last.

unfounded plagiarism claims

As soon as the announcement was made, Eurovision fans quickly concluded Perfect Life resembled David Guetta‘s smash hit Titanium. ‘Plagiarism’ claims are nothing new in the world of Eu

Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw and Frans, both Swedish representatives in 2015 and 2016, had plagiarism claims made against there songs (photo by Wiwibloggs)

rovision; In the last two years, Swedish entries If I Were Sorry (Frans, 2016) and 2015 winning song Heroes (Måns Zelmerlöw) were both been accused of sounding a tad too much like its predecessors. Both went on to finish within the top ten. A sign that similarity, a sound viewers know, can work.


Did the right version make it to Kiev?

One thing’s for sure, in Levina, Germany chose the right singer. Compared her to fellow competitor Axel Feige, Levina showed the willpower and desire for Eurovision. And she has a fantastic voice. (we’re looking forward seeing what she brings to the London Eurovision Party on April 2nd). The question however is, whether she’s going with a good enough version of her single. Taking everything in consideration, Perfect Life is very inoffensive and flat, despite the intro being promising enough. It lacks a cohesive build up. Since her win, an acoustic version has appearead and even seen German based international hit-producer and songwriting team Madizin rework her entry. The latter’s involvement in making Perfect Life an absolute corker, does raise the question whether the right version is heading to Kiev. (check out the remix on Spotify below).

So, are we off to Germany next year? It would be nice, but the chances are unlikely. Levina is a fantastic singer, but the songs shortlisted simply didn’t do her justice.  It pains me to say this, but chances Germany finds itself back at the bottom of the scoreboard, seem once again very likely. Is all hope lost? Not necessarily, tonight NDR announced Levina’s song has been brushed up and a new version is coming our way in April. Watch this space. 

The new version is for definite an improvement, and seemed to have a bit more of a build up now. Check it out below via Spotify below:

Let us know what you think of Levina’s song for Germany in the comments.

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