Eurovision 2017 Countdown: 236 Anneke Grönloh – Jij Bent Mijn Leven (Nl 1964)

Netherlands, 1964, Anneke Grönloh
Netherlands, 1964, Anneke Grönloh
Anneke Grönloh, Dutch representative at the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest

Let’s take a trip back way down memory lane. The 1964 Eurovision Song contest will remain forever a mystery to all of us. At least visually, as the tape of the contest was destroyed due to a fire in the NDR archive. 

Luckily the audio of the contest survived. Much to our surprise we came across this rather enjoyable song from the Netherlands. Anneke Grönloh, would be the first non-European born singer to represent the Netherlands. She did so with the song Jij Bent Mijn Leven, a track which tells the story of a woman who knows her man is cheating on her, but decides to stay with him because he is her life. Oh Anneke!

The track, beautifully supported by an orchestra, finished 10th in a field of 16th participants. The live version, is slightly different from the audio and feels a little bit rushed, but never the less this is an absolute hidden gem from the contest. Give it a go, you know you want to.

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