Eurovision 2014: Portugal


In just over two weeks time, fans all over Europe are coming together for the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. With only a handful of countries left to go we introduce to the second returner this year: Portugal. 

Eurovision 2014 official artworkAfter being forced to stay at home for a year, due to savings in the Portuguese broadcaster, Portugal announced its return to Eurovision early 2014. And we’re glad they’re back. Even though Portugal is yet to score massively on the Eurovision stage, they always bring a bit of sunshine to it.

It’s no different this year. Portuguese but in Dubai living singer Suzy was approached by producer Emmanuel to sing his song ‘Quero Ser Tua’ at the national final and surprisingly Suzy won it, which means she will be defending Portugal in Copenhagen in a few weeks time.

Quero Ser Tua is very Portuguese and also very summery with touches of the lambada intertwined. You could argue that it perhaps sounds a tad too old fashioned tropical for Eurovision, but you’ll notice it’s actually quite an ear worm. Let that be a strong point. Bare in mind that the up tempo tracks in semi final one are quite scarce, and Suzy knows how to sell her entry well, we wouldn’t rule out a final spot in the grand final on May 10 in Copenhagen.

We’ll know whether Portugal can make it to the final, May 6 when the country is competing in the first semi final.

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