Eurovision 2014: Have Your Say on Iceland


The countdown is truly on…The Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner. Join us in meeting the Icelandic participant in this year’s competing field of 37 nations; Pollapönk.

Eurovision 2014 official artworkNo don’t be mistaken, Pollapönk are no middle aged teletubbies or JLS members, but four mature men who write and perform ambitious music that children and adults alike would enjoy and be able to sing along to.

With songs intended to relate to different age groups, the group of four went on to win the Icelandic final back in January. Now a few months later, they’ve reworked the track, translated it into English as ‘No Prejudice’ (lyrically very interesting) and they’re hoping their sparkly and colourful track suits help them to win the hearts of Europe to perform their track ‘No Prejudice’ in the grand final May 10. 

In the field of semi final one, Iceland are definitely standing out with their rocky pop track.  We’re warming to this, though we’re not too keen on the video.

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