Douze points from the European mama’s? Sunstroke Project return to Eurovision (Moldova Entry Review)

Sunstroke Project

Hello all mums in the world! Sunstroke Project are back, hoping to steal your daughter’s heart at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. 

Sunstroke Project
Back for a second time! Anton Ragoza, Sergei Yalovitsky and Youtube sensation Sergey Stepanov aka Sunstroke Project from Moldova are bringing the party to Kiev (photo by

Eurovision returnees

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest are undoubtedly familiar with the trio already. Together with Olivia Tira, Sunstroke Project represented Moldova in 2010 with Run Away. They qualified for the final, where they finished 22nd with 27 points. This year, no guest artist to join them, but the stakes are high to take Moldova out of it’s current Eurovision track record. Moldova hasn’t qualified for the final since 2013 when Aliona Moon represented them with O Mie. No pressure for composer and violinist Anton Ragoza, saxophonist Sergey Stepanov and lead singer Sergey Yalovitsky.

The band are notoriously known for their combination of classical violin, jazz saxophone and dance music.  Their 2017 entry Hey Mama,  a song essentially trying to convince the mother of a love interest to give him a chance, stays within their signature sound. It convincingly won Moldova’s national final, O Melodie pentru Europa, with a huge margin.

Youtube Sensation

While the overall feeling of the song is quite tropical sound, a genre which was in the charts constantly about a year ago, the real star of the song is saxophonist Sergey Stepanov. Hey Mama builds up to an epic sax solo, which needless to say comes with it’s own little choreography. A good move by Moldova. After the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Sergey became an overnight Youtube hit sensation with his sax. It went viral, all over the world and Epic Sax Guy was born.  If it’s anything to go by, Sergey may well see himself go viral once again in May.

Run Away Eurovision 2010 Moldova
Sunstroke Project, featuring Olivia Tira, represented Moldova in 2010 in Oslo, reaching the final with their mix of classical music, sax and dance music (Photo by

Will it be enough to win though? That’s another matter. In a ballad/mid tempo heavy competition, Moldova’s entry stands out from the pack. It has a quirky package, a Youtube Sax Sensation and a choreography. The build up of the song however is pretty repetitive. The lyrics content is also gimmicky, which for native speakers/fluent English speakers will be a strange story to sell. Having said that, every Eurovision Song Contest needs its party stomper. And that might as well be Moldova’s entry this year.

Moldova are taking part in the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Kiev on May 9.

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