Deejay Dome presents the ultimate Justin Timbaland Remix – Listen


Indulge in a 35 minute remix of Justin Timberlake’s back catalogue. 

DJ-Dome-Presents-The-Ultimate-Justin-Timberlake-Timbaland-MixtapeWhere’s Justin Timberlake gone? Though Mr JT released his second part of the 20/20 experience late last year, we’ve yet to find out whether the singer is to announce a new single from the collection.

While Justin makes up his mind, we’ve found something pretty amazing by this guy. Now Dj Dome, as he calls himself, doesn’t ring a bell immediately, but upon discovering his 35 minute mixtape Justin Timbaland we’re quite keen to find out more about him. Why? The American has created one helluva a tribute to the career of Justin Timberlake in a 35 minute mixtape, spanning JT’s total career to date.

Featuring no less than 28 Justin Timberlake tracks, Dj Dome’s mix tape is a dead certain pleaser for any Justin Timberlake Fan. It’s all there… and it gets even better… throw in a few Timbaland productions from Missy Elliot and Aaliyah and this is quite an epic mixtape! Btw did we mention the mixtape is up for grabs for free!

We thank you for that, sir!

What a mix tape… Here’s up hoping for more mixtapes like this. Diva mixtape hint hint!

Listen to Justin Timbaland Mixtape below.

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