A bit of good Eurovision advice from The Netherlands; Meet Douwe Bob

Douwe Bob
Douwe Bob
There’s no slowing down the Netherlands, as Douwe hints going for gold. (Photo by Marc de Groot)

After a two-day stop in the Balkan, it’s back to Central Europe for a bit of a slow down in the Netherlands, where we meet 23 year old singer songwriter Douwe Bob. 

The young singer, rose to fame after winning the show best singer-songwriter in 2012. Since, he’s established a successful career in music, with his unique voice, a passion for 60s and 70s inspired music from a young age onwards and its contemporary feel. And that’s the best way to describe the Eurovision entry coming from the Netherlands; Slow Down.

Though there’s no slowing down for the Netherlands. In its fourth consecutive year, Dutch broadcaster Avro-Tros opted for a well known regional artist. So far they’ve achieved two top ten places with Anouk (finishing eighth at Eurovision 2013) and The Common Linnets (runner ups at Eurovision 2014). Last year however, Trijntje Oosterhuis failed to qualify for the final in Vienna.

So not a bad track record with their internal selection system so far, and Douwe is determined to bring Eurovision back to the Netherlands. The country is however one of the most successful in Eurovision history, with 4 victories under their belt. Their last one dates back to 1975, so they are due one again soon, we reckon. But what about the song?

Well Douwe’s stayed very true to his style, decided not to compromise and the result is a very un-Eurovision sounding entry. That’s not a bad thing, on the contrary as neither were the Common Linnets and look where that got them two years ago. One to watch out for:


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