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Quite simply, it’s all about pop corking music anthems!

Popcorker DimiHi!

My name is Dimi, that’s short for Dimitri. For as long as I can remember I’ve been besotted with music, so about two years ago, I started writing this blog because I wanted to share great music, which you may not always find on your own. So here we are. Whether it’s discovering new tracks and artists, finding tracks for my Gym playlist, or covering an event like the Eurovision Song Contest (yes really!!), music’s everywhere and I love sharing it as much as I can. So that’s me done…Now it’s over to you! 

Do you have any suggestions,tracks you want to share or general feedback? Please don’t be afraid to share it! You can Email me at popcorker@outlook.com, or follow me at the general PopCorker Twitter account, or my personal one and send me a direct message.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

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