About ESCorker

Quite simply, it’s all about corking Eurovision anthems!

Popcorker Dimi Hi!

My name is Dimi, that’s short for Dimitri. For as long as I can remember I’ve been besotted with music, so quite a few years back I started writing this blog because I wanted to share great music. Gradually Popcorker started to transform into ESCorker, a blog which focusses on the Eurovision Song Contest. News, editorials, videos, and above all the songs, we’ll be bringing it all. 

My Eurovision Adventure started in 2004 when I first started following the contest. Even though I actively followed the contest, I didn’t attend the contest until 2014 but haven’t looked back since. Eurovision has provided me with an additional family, which I wouldn’t want to miss in this world.

ESCorker is on Twitter so give us a follow there, or via my personal account. If you’d like to help write, or you have any ideas, let us know on popcorker@outlook.com



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