A few thoughts on Kylie’s new single Into the Blue

A few thoughts on Kylie Minogue's new single Into the Blue

The Voice coach promised a different side for her new album, and that’s exactly what we’re getting. Listen to her new single ‘Into The blue’ below. A few thoughts on Kylie Minogue's new single Into the Blue

The inevitable has happened, Aussie pop princess and Voice UK coach Kylie’s new single ‘Into The Blue’ has leaked fully online, almost a week ahead of its scheduled release date.

The lead single for her upcoming 2014 studio album, is the first under label RocNation. which signed Minogue last year.

We already had a little clue that Kylie’s new sound would be quite intriguing, being signed to Jay-Z’s label. So what do we make of Into the Blue?

things kick off with a catchy ‘Iyo’oh oh oh’, thank you Taio Cruz, before a big baseline kicks in. Minogue’s gone for an urban pop sound and you’ll know it. It’s different from what she’s done before, though we have to admit we’re missing the poppy Kylie a bit here. On a first listen, ‘Into The Blue’ feels more like it would be better placed on a Rita Ora album, but after pressing the replay button a few time we have to confess we’re starting to fall for the new Kylie.

‘Into the Blue’ is scheduled for release in the UK March 17. Listen to the track below:

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