Eurovision 2015 Moldova Review : Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love

Moldova's candidate Eduard Romanyuta brings a little bit of Ukraine to the Eurovision Song contest after all (Photo  :
Moldova’s candidate Eduard Romanyuta brings a little bit of Ukraine to the Eurovision Song contest after all (Photo :

In May, millions of European viewers will be closely watching 40 nations compete in the 6oth Eurovision Song Contest and crown one of them as successor to Austrian reigning champ Conchita Wurst. Making their tenth appearance and hoping to be next in line are Moldova who have turned to their Ukrainian neighbours for a hand.

While Ukraine have opted for a break from the Eurovision celebrations in Vienna, 22 year old Ukrainian singer Eduard Romanyuta submitted his uptempo pop track ‘I Want Your Love’ to the Moldovan broadcaster called upon local and foreign artists to enter O Melodie Pentru Europa 2015. Having taken part in the national finals in Ukraine several times, The singer, who isn’t unknown for taking part and winning in several East-European contests, brought his performance experience to the Moldovan audience, who awarded him with the ticket to Vienna

Produced by Swedes, ‘I Want Your Love’ is one of the more upbeat pop tracks we’re getting on our plate this year. But before you’re getting all euphoric, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is one of the better songs in the competition unfortunately. The whistle heavy production, assumingly to have some sort of East European folk influence in some way, can’t hide the major fault of the track; it’s rather outdated sounding on a first hearing. It lacks that special oomph to just really grab you as an uptempo pop song. After last year’s heavy pop ballad, chances are likely that Moldova’s entry could once again be in danger to advance to the final for that reason. On the other hand, with a strong willed Ukrainian team, who know from experience how to make their own entries visually appealing at the Eurovision stage, Eduard could well throw in a suprrise or two, and make Ukraine and Moldova proud.

Join Will Young's Love Revolution

Will Young Love Generation Artwork 2015Not even 48 hours after Will Young hit us with the artwork and release date for his upcoming studio album ’85 % Proof’, completely out of the blue, the singer has unveiled the official audio for his brand new single ‘Love Revolution’ this morning.

Once again, the 36 year old singer songwriter proves he’s at the top of his game, as he’s continiously portraying a versatile taste in different pop genres, profiling himself one of Britain’s finest and most versatile pop artists, Young’s retro-soul sounding new single, ‘Love Generation’ was officially presented in Chris Evans Radio 2 show earlier today and made available to stream on Spotify or purchase on Itunes immediately after.

By treating a Sample of the 2003 dance anthem ‘Loneliness’ by Tomkraft and twisting it into a retro-soul production, Will’s proving once again he’s come a very long way since he won Pop Idol back in 2002. Lead that Love Generation, Will.

‘Love Revolution’ is the lead single for Young’s upcoming sixth studio album ‘85% Proof’, released May 25.

Will Young's 85% Proof

Will Young unveiled the artwork and name for his new album on Instagram last night.
Will Young unveiled the artwork and name for his new album on Instagram last night.

The dramatic news of a certain member leaving X Factor’s boyband One Direction certainly dominated the music industry yesterday. Luckily the very first winner of the music talent show franchises, Will Young had some very exciting news for his fans.

The singer unveiled the official artwork for his upcoming seventh studio album alongside the title via his Instagram account. ‘85% Proof’ will be the first album, Will is set to release under new record label ‘Island Records’ and is scheduled for May 25. The lead single ‘Love Revolution’ will be unveiled tomorrow on BBC Radio 2 during Chris Evans show where Will is lined up as guest.

Young rose to fame in 2003 when he won Pop Idol and has since his victory become an established pop artist in the UK music industry. His most recent album, Echoes, peaked  at number one in the UK charts upon release in 2011.

We are pretty damn excited for Will’s return. Here’s a reminder why.


Rihanna drops new single today – Listen

Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money (Single Artwork)
Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Single Artwork)

After hours of speculations whether a new Rihanna single could drop, the Barbadian pop princess has indeed confirmed she is set to release the follow up for her Kanye ft Paul McCartney collaboration ‘TwentyForSeven’ single later today.

‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ has been confirmed by the singer as the second official single from upcoming studio album,#R8. “Bitch Better Have My Money” was written by the artist herself, Bibi Bourelly and produced by DePuTy. This isn’t the first time Rihanna is working together with Bibi. The latter also penned a previously leaked track, from the #R8 project called ‘Higher‘. An exact release date for the new album has not been revealed yet.

Rihanna is currently lending her voice to the new Dreamworks film ‘Home’, for which she also recorded three new tracks.

Click here to listen to the new Rihanna Single.

Eurovision 2015 review Portugal: Leonor Andrade – Ha um mar que nos separa

Leonor Andrade's Eurovision entry for Portugal unfortunately lacks that much needed punch to go all the way (Photo by Cátia Castel-Branco)
Leonor Andrade’s Eurovision entry for Portugal unfortunately lacks that much needed punch to go all the way (Photo by Cátia Castel-Branco)

At the end of May, millions of European viewers will be watching the 6oth Eurovision Song Contest where they will look for a successor to Conchita Wurst from 40 countries. Among those candidates is Portugal, represented by Leonor Andrade, who are more than overdue a victory in the contest.

Portugal’s relationship with the Eurovision Song Contest is a bit of a wonky one. The country has taken part in the European contest 47 times, but never come close to the trophy then it’s sixth place in 1991. Is it the Portuguese language, or the Portuguese desire to stay as close to their own cultural heritage as possible? We don’t know, but one thing’s for sure. Portugal’s been living the famous Pierre de Coubertin quote to it’s fullest when it comes to their Eurovision legacy. (”The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part…”). Portugal is currently the country with most participations in the past, who is yet to win the contest. While it can be argued that past Portuguese entries just weren’t relevant enough for the contest, this year’s entry, ‘Ha um mar que nos separa’ (Engl. ‘it’s the sea that separates us’) sounds a lot fresher and current.

Reason being? I’s singer. Coming from the global talent show, The Voice in Portugal, semi finalist contestant Leonora Andrade, a singer-songwriter and upcoming actress, portrays herself as an edgy rock-chick, who surprisingly won Festival Da Cancao with her rock influenced pop song. While it’s production has been pumped up a little since winning its national final, and a stadium anthem feel has been added with the ‘Ayo Ayo’ throughout the chorus, (check here) ‘Ha um mar que nos separa’ unfortunately fails to leave an ever so important impression to be a contender to qualify from the second semi final, let alone win the trophy in Vienna. Never the less a decent pop entry Portugal.