Madonna's rebel heart hits the internet

Madonna Rebel HeartIt’s no secret, queen of pop, Madonna has been working her socks off in the studio on brand new music, heavily promoted with updates via the singers instagram using the hashtag #UnapologeticBitch. And finally we have a first glimpse of which new sound Madonna will be bringing to the table.

Judging by the demo of Rebel Heart, we’re in for a treat. The song, produced by Swedish hitmaker Avicii, is an absolute pop gem, featuring a huge string-packed chorus. The demo version of the track leaked onto the internet this afternoon.

No official confirmation has been made by the singer yet, whether ‘Rebel Heart’ will be the first single lifted of the singer’s upcoming studio album. The leak however does mean, some sort of announcement regarding Madonna’s return to the music world, is pretty imminent and soon.

Listen to the track below:

Em – Rising In Love

Em Rising In LoveSweden’s very own dance sensation Em is ready to set the charts back on fire for the last remaining weeks of 2014. Taking off from where she left her debut 2014 single ‘Taking Back My Love’, Em is rising in love this time around with yet another big dance anthem, written by Linda Sonnvik and Christian Oscarsson.

Em’s undoubtedly putting a stamp on her music, and Sweden for one is most definitely loving it, with the track already being number 3 in the Swedish Dance charts. With an international release of the single, and the track doing the rounds already in the Netherlands and Russia, Em’s not only rising in love, but a rising superstar too.

Keep’em coming Em!

San Marino candidate for Eurovision 2015 known

Michele-and-Anita-SanMarino-Eurovision-2015In a press conference today, SMRTV have announced their candidate for the upcoming 60th Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year’s Junior Eurovision participant Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini, who represented San Marino just a few weeks back in the Junior Edition In Malta as one fifth of The Peppermints, were confirmed and announced as the tiny state’s first duo to grace the Eurovision Stage, during a special press conference this afternoon.

The duo are hoping to do better than Valentina Monetta, the San Marinese singer who represented San Marino three years in a row. The singer finally managed to reach the final with her track ‘Maybe’ in Copenhagen.

Anita, who’s currently only 15, will be 16 by the time it’s April next year and therefore be entitled to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Vienna this year. The song, which the duo will sing in Vienna, is yet to be decided and will be announced next year.

Watch Valentina Monetta’s 2014 Eurovision entry  ‘Maybe’ below:


Gwen Sparks A Fire preview

Gwen-Stefani-Spark-the-Fire-ArtworkMerely 24 hours since the full audio of her pop track ‘Spark The Fire’ leaked, the former No Doubt front lady has unveiled a teeny tiny preview of what we can expect from the video for her new single.

‘Spark The Fire’ is undoubtedly a return to the urban-fused sound Stefani’s been using during her solocareer in 2004 (Think Hollaback girl). The fact she’s using producer of the moment, Pharrell, on this one, gives it a little 2014 edge, even though it doesn’t actually bring anything new to the singer’s repertoire. On the other hand, Hollaback Girl was a humongous hit for La Stefani, so why change a winning team.

The video, of which you can see a glimpse above and features a guest performance of Pharrell, is directed by Sophie Muller, who took on production for Gwen’s latest single ‘Baby Don’t Lie’. Both tracks are to be featured on Gwen Stefani’s upcoming new album, which is set to be released in 2015. ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ is available for pre-order now and hits the UK charts January 11. Listen to the full version of ‘Spark A Fire’ below.

Fifth Harmony – Sledgehammer (Official Video Premiere)

Fifth-Harmony-Sledgehammer-ArtworkTwo years ago, 5 young girls auditioned separately for the second season of The X Factor USA. Though they failed to impress the judges individually, Simon Cowell and his fellow judges decided to bring the five together and put them through to the live shows, where they proved to be quite a hit.

Ever since, Fifth Harmony, have been going pretty strong in the US, serving up clever pop music. They’ve released a Michele Obama-themed pop track called ‘Bo$$’ earlier this year, and now they’re ready to take on the world, with the release of their first international single ‘Sledgehammer’.

Co-written by ‘All About The Base’ singer Meghan Trainor, ‘Sledgehammer’ is an anthemic mainstream pop song with a catchy ear worm chorus. The track is featured on the band’s debut album ‘Reflections’ which is scheduled for release early January 2015, through Syco Records. The video for the track, which of course includes a hunky man with a sledgehammer, was unveiled today on the group’s official Social Media accounts.

So what’s our verdict? You know what, we need more proper pop girl bands and Fifth Harmony are the best that’s on offer right now. Are we seeing similarities with their male counterparts One Direction? Yes we do actually and you know what, if they keep hitting us with the girl power loaded tracks like ‘Bo$$’ and ‘Sledgehammer’ this fivesome could be in it for the long haul.

Don’t miss Fifth Harmony, on the UK Xfactor Semi final, Sunday December 7, when the track will also be officially released.