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Shura New Single 2016 0

Shura – What’s it Gonna Be (New Single)

English/Russian singer, songwriter and producer Aleksandra Lilah Yakunina-Denton, better known as Shura, has made our day on several occasions, since she bestowed her debut single 2Shy on us last year.

Alicia Keys is preparing an intimate set in London this coming Thursday. 0

Alicia Keys – In Common (Video)

Well we didn’t see that coming. Fifteen-time Grammy® Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, Alicia Keys, has returned to the music after four long years, with a brand new sound on In Common. 

Fleurie 2016 0

Fleurie – Breathe (New single)

Nashville musician Fleurie, not to be confused with UK musician Florrie if we may point out, has just about released the most EPIC track out of her career so far.

Luke Black Demons 2016 0

Luke Black – Demons (New Single)

After moving to Belgrade last year, 23 year old Luka Ivanović turned Serbia upside down with the release of his debut single D-Generation, signing a major record deal in the country and gaining massive success...

Tegan and Sarah Love You Til Death Artwork 0

Tegan and Sara – Stop Desire

In just three weeks time, the long awaited new album of Tegan and Sara is set to be released worldwide. And we’re too darn excited about it. 

Salt Ashes 2016 artwork 0

Salt Ashes – Save It (New Single)

  There’s no stopping Brighton based Salt Ashes. Since releasing that infamous debut single of her two years ago, Love Somebody, Veiga Sanchez has propelled herself as one of THE artists to watch out for.

Allie X New Single 2016 0

Allie X – Too Much To Dream (New Single)

  Has it really been two months since Canadian singer songstress Allie X, in real life Alexandra Ashley Hughes, shared her most recent track Old Habits Die Hard for free with her fans?

Eurovision 2016 reviews 0

Eurovision Time with ESCKAZ

As per tradition, Popcorker have arrived in Stockholm to work alongside ESCKAZ.com to cover the Eurovision Song Contest from Stockholm, Sweden. Follow the journey with our live coverage here.