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Salt Ashes delivers on Debut (Album Review)

Brighton based artist Salt Ashes, has a set of vocals, many won’t find too dissimilar from a certain famous pop princess. But let me tell you, Veiga Sanchez, is anything but a ‘Kylie impersonator’. 

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Loreen – I’m In it With You

Like many I have  a pretty extensive music collection. Something which has been building and building since developing a big love for music at the age of 13.  So kicking off a bit of...

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Listen to the stunning new Naomi Scott track Lovers Lies

Hailing from London, Naomi’s already earned her stripes in the acting world,  having shared the screen with Matt Damian ( ‘The Martian’ ) , Antonio Banderas (‘The 33’) as starring in the award winning independent short...

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Watch: Mø – Final Song (Video)

Well, we for one are hoping, Danish singer songwriter Mø’s most recent song, is not yet her final one, even if  it’s title, Final Song, suggests otherwise. 

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Mathew V – No Bad News

Vancouver based newcomer Mathew V is the latest Canadian heartthrob to set his eyes on world wide domination with his debut No Bad News.

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DNCE – Toothbrush (Video)

While brother Nick Jonas is getting closer to Tove Lo, his brother Joe is skyrocketing the charts worldwide with his brand new band DNCE. 

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Shura – What’s it Gonna Be (New Single)

English/Russian singer, songwriter and producer Aleksandra Lilah Yakunina-Denton, better known as Shura, has made our day on several occasions, since she bestowed her debut single 2Shy on us last year.

Alicia Keys is preparing an intimate set in London this coming Thursday. 0

Alicia Keys – In Common (Video)

Well we didn’t see that coming. Fifteen-time Grammy® Award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, Alicia Keys, has returned to the music after four long years, with a brand new sound on In Common. 

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Fleurie – Breathe (New single)

Nashville musician Fleurie, not to be confused with UK musician Florrie if we may point out, has just about released the most EPIC track out of her career so far.

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Luke Black – Demons (New Single)

After moving to Belgrade last year, 23 year old Luka Ivanović turned Serbia upside down with the release of his debut single D-Generation, signing a major record deal in the country and gaining massive success...